Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Membrane keyboard keypad for 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0


Siemens Simatic OP73
180 days warranty
Keypad Button Material
Product Line
Siemens Operator Panel
Membrane Keypad Switch Plastic Case Cover



SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 membrane keypad switch, Mounting Clips, Power Supply Connector, Gasket, LCD Display Screen, Screws and Plastic Case Cover Repair Replacement

Order each part separately is available

SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 membrane keypad switch, Gasket, Screws, Power Supply Connector, Mounting Clips, LCD Display Screen and Plastic Case Cover Repair Replacement

The SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1 641-0AA11-4AX0 membrane keypad switch, Gasket, Mounting Clips, Screws, Power Supply Connector, LCD Display Panel and HMI Case are brand news and support 180 days VICPAS warranties. It also uses RS 485 interface for connecting the MPI connecting cable or the PPI adapter and plug-in terminals for connecting a 24 V DC power supply.

The Overview about OP73 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 Siemens HMI
Operator Panel for controlling and monitoring machines and systems
Graphics in a new dimension: small and smart
Pixel-graphics 3" LCD, monochrome
8 system keys, 4 user-configurable function keys
Specific to the SIMATIC S7-200:
Communication with the controller takes place via the integrated interface (point-to-point)
Connection to the controller via MPI or PROFIBUS DP cable

The Siemens OP 73 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 Operator Panels can be used wherever machines and systems are controlled and monitored locally – in production, process and building automation alike. They are used in all types of sectors and applications.


The table below describes the parameters of the SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 Membrane keyboard keypad.

Part Number : 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0
Product Line: Siemens Simatic OP73 Micro
Product's Size: 3 inches
Warranty: 180 Days Warranty
Material: Polyester or Polycarbonate
Rated Voltage: DC 5V 1mA
Operating Temp.: -10℃~+80℃
Storage Temp.: -20℃~+70℃
Conductive Trace: Silver or Copper
Life Cycle: 5 Million Cycles(up to)

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Simatic OP73 Micro Description Inventory status

Siemens OP73 Micro PDF Download:

  • SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 date sheet
  • SIMATIC HMI OP 73micro software WinCC flexible Operating Instructions
  • Siemens OP73 SIMATIC OP 73 MICRO handbuch manuals
  • HMI device OP 73, OP 77A, OP 77B Operating Instructions manual

  • FAQ:

    Question: How to Backup and restore a program on SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 Operator Panel?

    Answer: At first must connect to the 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 panels directly. Then follow the instructions of Siemens technical support: Siemens Simatic OP73 Backup

    Question: What software does SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 operator panels use?

    Answer: It is SIMATIC WinCC Flexible software, that is an integrated family of tools for configuring the SIMATIC OP73 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 operator units. The uniformity of configuration software reduces training, maintenance and updating requirements . More details download the PDF Siemens Software WinCC-flexible 2008

    Question: How can you transfer a program project serially to 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 Simatic OP73 operator panel?

    Answer: First download the siematic op73 Operating Instructions manual
    And then What transfer options are available in the various Siemens operator panels?
    There you also find a list with cables to use.
    Finally, You can transfer op73 new project with step7.
    Step 7 opens Wincc flexible (if option intergrate in Step 7 is selected in Wincc) and then you can transfer with Wincc Flex.

    Question: What is the SIPLUS OP73 Siemens 6AG1641-0AA11-4AX0 price of membrane keypad switch?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.